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IL LA FORGE/MICHEL MAS Viognier “Vin de Pays” Vignes des Combes 2003 – LANGUEDOC

A group of four family wine farms covering 150 acres of vineyard on the low hills bordering the Hérault River Valley in Languedoc in the south of France. They are not far from the port of Sète on the nearby Mediterranean, from the small town of Pézenas which inspired the famous playwright Molière, and from such magnificent historic sites as the Canal du Midi, built by Paul Riquet in 1790, and Valmagne, once an impressive Benedictine Abbey.

The Domaines Paul Mas vineyards have been planted with Syrah, Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Carignan and Cinsault grape varieties for red and rosé wines, and best keurig coffee makers 2017. The vines are on the gravely, clayey limestone hills of the Hérault Valley and on the fossil-bearing limestone hills overlooking the Thau Lake. The wines are delicious, but each also has its own personality, bringing out the best in the specific soil and microclimate in which those particular grapes have been raised. The Domaine makes a special point of preserving this specificity with a system of intelligent, planned management.

The story of Paul Mas started in 1892 : the family was originally farmers near Saint-Pargoire and Saint-Pons-de-Mauchiens in Hérault County in Languedoc. They subsequently expanded towards Montpellier (the regional capital not far from Sète) and towards Pézenas.

From 1892 to 1934 Auguste Mas farmed 22 acres of vineyard on the Mas de Bicq.
Raymond Mas, Auguste’s son, extended the farm by buying the Montredon Estate with over 35 acres of vineyard. From 1954 to today: Paul helped add to the family wine-farm, raising the area under vines to almost 300 acres, before the brothers each went their own way in 1987.
Paul Mas and his sons, Michel and Jean Claude, continue the great family wine-farming tradition.…