DOMINGO MOLINA Torrontes “Cafayatte Valley” 2003 – ARGENTINA

In the Veneto, near Treviso, there are vineyards that are incredible.
They were planted by the Loredan family in the 1500’s and produce a wine
(the Venegazzů Della Casa) considered like one of the best ones of Italy.
They say that this wine of family frees of all the sins. It is a metaphor that
assimilates it to the blood of Christ… In Cafayate, It jumps, more indeed in
Yacochuya, the family of Osvaldo Wood Domingo elaborates, to 2,000 meters
of height, a Malbec that sanctifies. The Domingo Molina Malbec 2000 shows
a red color with violáceos sparks, complex aromas and to paladar seráfico, of
aterciopelada texture and prolonged presence. He has 14.5 degrees and he
packaged himself without leaking so that nothing altered its purity. The
Domingo Molina Malbec 2000 ($ 35) is a great wine of height, fantastic also
to drink it single… but in angelical company.